Surgical & Non-Surgical Hair Growth

Asim Medical Hair Restoration is Experienced in Orlando for Economical and Quality Hair Restoration. Dr Asim Rahman is the most Experienced Hair Transplant clinic in Central Florida that uses Neograft and PRP treatment for hair loss.

Asim Medical Hair Restoration Orlano Florida

We keep your hair restoration cost Affordable in Orlando by using current FUE technology and having a Full-Time hair transplant team. Consults are Complementary and are follow-up visits. Our Hair Transplant Prices are between $5500.00 and $7500.00 dollars. Some foreign Countries may be more economic with the prices but be wary as they are using knock off Chinese hand held FUE machines which wont give you good proven results and may even increase your risk of complications.

Dr. Rahman is a Board-Certified Physician and is also Certified with Neograft. Click Here to Read more.

Hair Transplant Cost in Orlando

Our Hair Transplant Cost starts at $2.97/per graft Neograft. Other clinics can cost much more in Orlando, over 5-7 dollars per graft. Why’s that we cut the middle man out no sales representative nor hair technician based on commissions. Is just you and the Physician and that’s how it should always be and Dr. Rahman delivers on that. We have procedures that start at $5,500. Asim Medical offers financing through Care Credit.

Compare Cost in Orlando Hair Growth

If you are looking for the Best Hair Transplant options in Orlando and Tampa, Melbourne, Jacksonville call us to schedule a free consultation. Compare Asim Medical to Orlando Hair MD and Bosley® you will see the quality and proven results and that’s the bottom line! Our clients have chosen us over Orlando Hair MD and Bosley because Dr Rahman and his team has performed proven results that last.

Bosley® Cost

There is no reason to pay over $10,000.00 dollars for a Hair Transplant. Bosley® charges higher prices to pay for their marketing and Ad’s, and employees that are commission based. Asim Medical Hair Restoration is more affordable than Bosley® and we use FDA approved FUE Technology. We were the first in Central Florida to add PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to every Procedure.

Cost Per Graft

How much does Neograft cost?

On average Neograft cost is $4.50 to $7.00 dollars a graft, our price is around $2.80 to $3.00 dollars a graft, giving you back great savings as we don't have a middle man. Majority of FUE Hair Transplant procedures are about $2,000 to $2,500 grafts. The Cost of these procedures is about $5,500.00 to $7,500.00 and we deliver on quality with affordability.

Don’t be fooled by session prices as you could get overcharged for less amount of hair grafts and it would wind up costing you over $10.00 dollars or more per graft, you need to know the number of grafts in order to know if you paid the right amount.

How many Grafts will you need?

Each client is different. Dr. Rahman transplants as many grafts as possible. Follicular unit Extracted grafts are extracted from a safe donor zone so that your new hair will permanent. The average is 2000 grafts which are about 6000 hairs.

There are no bogus fees with our procedures we are not a advertising company that is trying to sell you over priced and ineffective hair care products and supplements.

Dr. Asim has been helping men and women with hair loss since 2007. We are a Orlando-based local businesses and do not outsource any of procedures, matter of fact our procedure machines are either made in USA or Europe and are NON-China.

Quality results with the best technology are Highly Imperative to Dr. Rahman.

Compare Hair Transplant Prices in Orlando and Kissimmee

Our clients come from Kissimmee, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Vero Beach, and Melbourne. We offer hotel and flight reimbursements for out of town hair loss clients. We are located in Orlando/Winter Park.

There are hotels next to the our Asim Medical Hair Restoration Center. The hair transplant procedures that we specialize in are Minimally Invasive allowing our clients to arrive the day before their procedure and leave the following day.

We have numerous hair loss clients that fly in from New York, California, London and Dubai. They are able to fly back home the day after their Neograft treatment.

Come in for a Complementary hair loss consultation with Dr Rahman.

Hair Loss Cost

It depends if you are doing a hair transplant can range from $5,500.00 to $7,500.00 dollars, non-surgical hair loss treatment PRP for hair loss is $750.00 dollars, PRP with ACELL is $1,200.00 dollars

Stem Cell for hair loss is $2,500.00 dollars

Finance Options for Hair Transplant

There are multiple options available when it comes to paying for your hair transplant.

Care Credit offers Zero down and interest-free financing for hair restoration for 12 months, or low interest for 24 months. Get more info at or you can contact us.

Why is there a variation in Hair Transplant Prices among Orlando Hair Restoration Clinics?

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT.
  • The amount of hair grafts needed. The more hair grafts you need the higher the cost.
  • The Overhead of the Clinic.
  • Neograft or FUT
  • Per Graft or Session charges

FUE Hair Transplants Neograft cost more. Follicular Unit Extraction will be more expensive because it is a tedious procedure to perform and requires a higher degree of skill. Average case is 5-7 hours anything less than 4 hours is a small case less than a 1200 graft. Dr Rahman and his team take their time with each client to get the best hair transplant results.

Hair Transplant Surgery is unique in that it requires a skill set that takes years to develop. The extraction of the follicular unit grafts along with the placement of those hair grafts makeup half of the procedure.

Our Team have processed over 1 million grafts and have gotten great results for our clients. We are proud to say we Orlando’s most experienced Team.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Why do men go bald?

Baldness in Men is can be many but 2 major factors are genetics and hormones.

Number one cause Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) hormone causes thinning of the hair follicles by miniaturizing it to the point where the hair follicles become weak and fall out. In the past, the second leading cause of harir loss was geneticist theory, which stated hair loss was from your mothers side, recent research shows that hair loss is not just from mothers side, but it can be from the fathers side or both parents.

Why am I going Bald?

You may ask yourself most likely its genetics, hormones like Dihydrotestosterone but can be multiple factors like environmental from damage to the hair shaft (above the skin) causing breakage by Chemicals, Heat / UV and the amount of stress you are in can cause a shift in your hormones hence affecting your hair and other body organs.

How long does it take for a man to go bald?

It usually start 10 to 15 years from the start of you noticing a bald spot, but can start even happening earlier in 5 years.

What age do most men go bald?

Before we would see it in males in their 40s but now we are seeing it earlier in younger males in there 20's. About 30 percent of men begin to bald by the time they are 30 years old, by age sixty its about 50-60 percent of men

What causes hair loss and thinning?

Reasond for Hair Loss Orlando Florida

Hair loss will affect about half of both men and women as they age. Hair loss is more likely to be seen in men compared to women at a younger age. The majority of the hair loss clients that visit us in Orlando are men ages 30 to 60. Most women will not to experience hair loss until past the age of 40.

You may ask Why is my hair falling out?

  • Why do Men Lose Hair? The most common type of hair loss in men is Male Pattern Baldness, also called Androgenic Alopecia. Male Pattern Baldness is mostly caused by Dihydrotestosterone 98% DHT causes hair follicles to miniaturize and be genetic and can start in your early 20’s. It can be inherited from either side of your family. Male Pattern Baldness tends to start out localized in one area, either the front or the back. It can be a very slow loss that takes over 10 years to be noticed. Or it can be aggressive causing significant baldness in just a few years.
  • What can cause hair loss in women? Women’s hair loss has many different causes including genetic and hormonal like thyroid disease. The loss of hair is more diffuse throughout the top of the head. It is not really localized as in men. It can also be nutritional deficiency you should be tested to rule out metabolic and other causes.
  • Traction from Repeated/constant pulling of the hair shaft which causes damage to the follicle to Trichotillomania (pulling your own hair out), extensions, wigs, weaves, etc.
  • Environmental from Damage to the hair shaft (above the skin) causing breakage by Chemicals, Heat / UV
  • By the time hair loss becomes visible to the naked eye, over 50% of your hair may have already been lost. So, getting started early on treatments and sticking to a medical plan and follow-up appointments are critical to reversing and stopping hair loss.
  • Women and men who are experiencing hair loss should start their treatment plan with a visit with Dr Rahman.

Hair Loss Cure

There are no commercially available Hair Loss Cure available for men and women, but the Good news is Permanent Replacement for hair loss with Hair transplant and prevention and stopping hair loss with Rogaine, and Propecia® and compounded formulas that Dr Rahman will Prescribe! Click Here to read more about Non-Surgical Growth.

The best solution for loss of hair due to Male Pattern Baldness is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant surgery. Are in the early stages of thin hair? Medical hair restoration treatments such as Rogaine®, or PRP and LLLT that are combined with Propecia® is preferred.

Does Stress Cause Thinning Hair and Baldness?

Stress may cause hair loss like changes in adrenal and thyroid hormones due to stress. In most cases it is just a temporary problem. A prolonged state of stress could possibly damage your hair permanently. Stress may have unintended effects such as poor diet and adrenal fatigue and leaky gut.

Do Medications Cause Thin Hair and Baldness?

There are numerous medications that are very common whose side effects are hair loss. If you start taking a new medication and you experience this, contact your doctor.

Do Hair Growth Supplements like Rogaine® -Minoxidil Work?

Yes, but only to stop hair loss at the crown of hair and increase thickness but does not regrow new hair, Minoxidil was FDA-approved for hair growth on August 17, 1988 and has been studied in hundreds of clinical trials.

What does Rogaine® -minoxidil do to hair?

Minoxidil’s hair growth properties may be related to its influence on specific cellular potassium channels resulting membrane hyperpolarization and local vasodilation.

Because hair loss (alopecia) results in a gradual miniaturization of follicles in both men and women, Areas that are severely depleted of density are not likely to respond if changes have not been observed within six to twelve months of use. Those that have used or prescribed minoxidil based compounds will observe that the available formulations leave much to be desired in the form of ‘ease of use’ and scalp irritation from the solution and its often-detrimental impact on hair styling.

Dr Rahman uses a compounded form of minoxidil to prevent skin irritation

What is Propecia™?

Approved by the FDA in 1997, ropecia™ (finasteride) is the first pill proven to treat genetic hair loss in the crown and mid-scalp area of men. In clinical trials, Propecia™ stopped hair loss in over 80% of cases and stimulated hair re-growth in over 66% of cases. It is a scientific and medical fact that Male Pattern hair loss is due to the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on genetically predisposed hair follicles.

What causes hair shedding/thinning?

DHT causes increased hair shedding, gradual miniaturization or thinning of the hair, and eventual hair loss. Propecia works by inhibiting type 2, 5-alpha-reductase (the enzyme that produces DHT from testosterone). Therefore, by reducing DHT production, Propecia™ can prevent and eventually reverse the process of hair loss.

Propecia™ Side Effects

Propecia™ has few side effects and those that occur are resolved by stopping the medication. One side effect, which statistically occurs in 2% of men, is a change in sexual desire or function. Propecia™ does not affect sperm function or fertility; and, the medication presents no risk to pregnant women through normal sexual relations

Propecia™ Cost

It can cost around 70.00 to 100.00 dollars a month, of course depends which pharmacy and if there are any manufacture discounts.

Saw Palmetto for hair loss

What is saw palmetto for hair loss?

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is reported to have effects on DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a primary trigger for hereditary hair loss in men) and it’s activity in the body. Research on whether saw palmetto works to treat hair loss is limited but promising.

Hair Loss Treatment

How can I stop Hair loss?

If you suffer from hair loss you know how personally frustrating it is to find encouraging solutions to this problem. There are many causes of hair loss including; Male Pattern Baldness, Trauma, and Medical causes Asim Medical Hair Restoration provides State of the Art hair loss treatment solutions for each cause of hair loss.

The most common cause of Hair Loss in Men is Male Pattern Baldness. DHT is a hormone that slowly kills the hair follicles on the top of the head. Male Pattern Baldness effects 50% of men. The good news is that the most effective Hair Loss Treatment is minimally invasive, requires no scalpels or stitches and is very affordable. FUE and Neograft hair transplant procedures are effective for the majority of men who decide to get their hair back.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Orlando

What is PRP?

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment derived from a person’s own blood platelets to enhance hair growth as a stand-alone treatment or to improve the recovery and results of hair transplant surgery. Click Here to Read More about PRP Hair Growth.

PRP is used to treat early stages of Men’s Hair Loss after Rogaine® has failed to deliver satisfactory results. The PRP hair restoration procedure is non-surgical and takes about 1 hour, there is no downtime or activity restrictions following the PRP procedure. PRP is safe and FDA approved. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. We use FDA approved PRP System. It is a closed sterile system and the platelets are concentrated to 3X the normal blood values. The system eliminates granulocytes which hurts tissue regeneration and wound healing.

What is PRP injection?

PRP contains many growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle’s growth. PRP can be used preoperatively, intraoperatively, or post operatively. Some patient’s chose to have PRP performed every three (3) to four (4) months as early data suggests regular or semiannual PRP treatments that may stimulate hair growth

Is PRP injection painful?

Patients typically experience significant reduction in pain after the first or second injection. Generally speaking PRP injections are not painful, however, the discomfort level depends on the part of the body being treated. Injections into the joint are of minimal discomfort

Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant procedure that we use in Orlando to treat Male Pattern Baldness and hair loss caused by scars. FUE also called Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration. We use automated FUE Neograft.

What is Neograft?

The NeoGraft is a “state of the art” solution for hair loss and is the first minimally invasive automatic hair transplant system. It is the first FDA approved automated hair transplant device utilizing the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method

FUE/Neograft is the least invasive procedure, we are able to select the healthy hair follicles from the back of your head and transplant them to the bald and thinning areas on the top of your head without using a scalpel or stitches to remove the donor hair. is less. You will not need stitches or sutures. You can return to work in a couple days and resume your active lifestyle very quickly. The cost for Neograft FUE is affordable and we offer interest free financing.

FUT hair transplant procedures are no longer associated with Hair Plugs or Donor Scars. Your level of hair loss and your lifestyle will influence which hair transplant procedure will give you the most natural results.

FUT hair transplant procedures are no longer associated with Hair Plugs or Donor Scars. Your level of hair loss and your lifestyle will influence which hair transplant procedure will give you the most natural results.

Medical Hair Loss Treatment

What is the best therapy for hair loss treatment?

Propecia®, Rogaine® and Low-Level Laser Therapy are hair loss treatment options that are most effective in the early stages of hair loss. Rogaine® and Laser Therapy are safe for both Men and Women who are losing their hair.

Rogaine® is available without a prescription and comes in formulas for men and women.

Propecia® is only for men and will require a doctor’s prescription.

Low Level Lasers are available on the internet but are not as effective as In-Office Lasers.

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