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      Athlete Fit IV Therapy Orlando FL

      During intense physical activity, our bodies use up macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) very quickly. While these are easy to replace—you just have to eat—the co-factors (little helpers) and micronutrients that convert food into energy (in the form of ATP) can be a bit tricky to re-acquire. That’s to say nothing of the dehydration, soreness, and fatigue you fight when you train hard.

      The good news is that with a little help, you can recover extremely quickly even after the most intense athletic events. This Athletes Fit IV was designed to help you do that.

      We created Athletes Fit IV with 4 goals in mind:

      1. To rehydrate.
      2. To drive forward the energy (ATP) producing machinery in your cell’s—your mitochondria.
      3. To boost your body’s natural production of growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland. Growth hormone speeds up healing and increases lean body mass.
      4. To combat and eliminate soreness and fatigue.

      To achieve these goals, we added the co-factors and micronutrients that typically get depleted during exercise: B vitamins, plus minerals like magnesium and zinc each of which is necessary for processing energy in the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain in our mitochondria where ATP is made.

      To help you burn even more fat post-workout, amino acids like carnitine is added which shuttles fat into your mitochondria to be used as fuel for energy production.

      And we’ve added vitamin C and glutathione, powerful antioxidants that help “mop up” inflammatory products generated during high-intensity training and tissue turnover.

      We recommend this IV infusion not just for serious athletes, but for anyone who is getting into the gym, running, playing sports, or working out regularly to achieve a better, healthier physique at any age. You may use this IV either before or after athletic events or both! Ask us for further customization, add-ons, and metabolic testing to individualize this infusion to your specific requirements even further.

      All ingredients are high-quality compounded natural vitamins and nutrients and are not banned substances or illegal performance enhancers.


      High-level athletes become very depleted in micro and macronutrients due to intense physical exercise. The micronutrients, in particular, are important to replace and it isn’t always easy to do so. These micronutrients are critical cofactors in energy production. When you work out, energy is produced in your muscles in the form of ATP. To create the level of energy you need for intense physical exercise, your body eats up vast stores of these micronutrients. When you run out, you feel sore and fatigued, and if you’ve been training extremely hard, it can be difficult to recover.

      Between the aerobic and anaerobic pathways described above, the body prefers to use the oxidative pathway (aerobic metabolism) instead of the more inefficient anaerobic pathway (no oxygen). However, it can only do this when oxygen becomes more available to your cells. Developing the capacity to deliver oxygen efficiently to your cells is what stamina is, and this is a critical part of physical conditioning.

      Approximately 50-60% of energy during 1-4 hours of continuous exercise at 70% of maximal oxygen capacity is derived from carbohydrates. The rest is from free fatty acid oxidation. However, a greater proportion of energy comes from the oxidation of free fatty acids—primarily those from muscle triglycerides—as the intensity of the exercise decreases. Long-chain fatty acids derived from stored muscle triglycerides are the preferred fuel for aerobic exercise for individuals involved in mild- to moderate-intensity exercise.

      Your level of training does not alter the total amount of energy you expend during a workout, but it does impact the proportion of energy derived from carbohydrates and fat. As a result of aerobic training, the energy derived from fat increases, and carbohydrates decrease. A trained individual uses a greater percentage of fat than an untrained person does at the same workload.


      • Working Out
      • Post-work out Soreness
      • Lactic Acid Build Up
      • Running
      • Weight Lifting
      • Swimming
      • Cross-fit
      • Surfing
      • Soccer
      • Basketball
      • Football
      • Tennis
      • UFC
      • Wrestling
      • MMA

      Pair with Supplements Amino Acids to boost Nitrous Oxide, Vitamins, and minerals.

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