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      IV Therapy for Leaky Gut

      Leaky Gut Doctor Orlando, FL

      Leaky Gut

      Intestinal permeability (leaky gut) is a closing of the tight junctions between intestinal cells and thus protecting us from over-activating our immune systems and setting off inflammation. Ingredients like antioxidants and amino acids which are important protectors of the mucous layer and cells of the intestinal tract, shielding against the damage done from intestinal inflammation.

      Leaky Gut Doctor Orlando FL

      Importance of Healthy Gut

      The gut has long been considered the center of good health in traditional medical practices like Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Until recently, the gastrointestinal tract was largely ignored by Western medicine. It was thought it was simply the place where nutrients were digested.

      However, recent research has shown that maintaining a healthy gut is essential to overall health. The intestinal tract plays a key role in so many biological processes. It's hard to list them all. Here are but a few examples:

      • Digestion of food into small particles
      • Absorption of critical nutrients like amino acids, carbohydrates, fats and minerals
      • Elimination of waste products such as heavy metals via bile
      • Immune function—the intestinal tract is the LARGEST immune organ.
      • Barrier function—keeping out bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well as other toxic substances from being absorbed. This is compromised in conditions such as IBD, IBS, and “leaky gut”.
      • Inflammation—due to it’s intimate relationship in immune function and it’s regulation of foreign substances from crossing into our bloodstream, the gut plays perhaps THE key role in inflammation.

      Signs and Symptoms of Leaky Gut

      The problem in modern society is that our intestinal tracts are easily compromised by factors such as stress, anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs like ibuprofen), antibiotics, poor diets, alcohol consumption, and smoking to name a few.

      Signs of an unhealthy gut include but are not limited to abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

      If you suffer from any of these or other forms of digestive distress, we encourage you to come in and see us for a Healthy Gut IV Therapy immediately.

      Leaky Gut

      This is why intestinal permeability has been linked to conditions such as:

      • Multiple organ failure
      • Chronic fatigue syndrome
      • Ulcerative colitis
      • Crohn’s Disease
      • Celiac Disease
      • Diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome
      • Inflammatory joint disease
      • Ankylosing spondylitis
      • Juvenile onset arthritis
      • Psoriatic arthritis
      • Food allergy
      • Atopic dermatitis, eczema
      • Chronic heart failure
      • Psychological disorders
      • Chemotherapy

      Conditions Treated with Healthy Gut IV Therapy

      • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
      • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
      • Leaky Gut
      • Stress
      • Malabsorption
      • Autoimmune Disease

      Pair with Medical-Grade Broad Spectrum Probiotics which provides multidimensional support for both the upper and lower GI tract for digestive health, Anti-Inflammatory Medical food, and Immunoglobulins.

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