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      A lack of sexual performance or an inability to feel sexual satisfaction is a common ailment among older men. A result of sexual dysfunction, many men have turned to medication to treat their conditions. However, these medications oftentimes do not provide long-term solutions to the issues, and some men may find that the effects of the medications may stop working after a while.

       Asim Medical helps men suffering from sexual dysfunction with PRP Plasma Shot , an in-office, minimally invasive procedure that can restore the blood flow in your penis and help you to better achieve and maintain erections.

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      The prp plasma shot is primarily used to treat sexual dysfunction in men. A condition that affects both men and women, sexual dysfunction is defined by an inability to maintain sexual satisfaction. Some of the most common types of male sexual dysfunction include:

      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Premature ejaculation
      • Delayed or inhibited ejaculation
      • Low libido

      Sexual dysfunction tends to affect men more as they age, and is often caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors, such as:

      • Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
      • High blood pressure
      • Low testosterone levels
      • Nerve damage from diabetes or surgery
      • Alcoholism and drug abuse
      • Stress, anxiety, or depression
      • Marital or relationship issues

      Besides those who are suffering from sexual dysfunction, the Shot for men may be able to benefit those who:

      • Seek sexual enhancement and improved performance
      • Suffer from Peyronie's disease
      • Have an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer
      • Suffer from low self-esteem


      The is devised from growth factors in your blood known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It is these growth factors that deliver a broad range of regenerative cells to help optimize conditions for tissue repair, blood vessels development, and healing.

      At Asim Medical, the PRP will be administered by Dr. Asim Rahman, MD, who is trained,  and certified. The procedure will begin by taking a sample of your blood, which is then placed through a centrifuge in order to isolate the growth factors used during treatment. Since centrifuge has a direct impact on growth factor availability and functionality, we use the most advanced technology in our technique, allowing us to produce a serum that possesses roughly 4-6 growth factors found in normal blood.

      The resulting serum is known as the Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, or PRFM. The PRFM will be placed into a needle, and after applying a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain, the needle will inject the serum into your penis. The entire procedure will take about 15 minutes.


      PRP results usually involve the rejuvenation of the penis, meaning that more blood is able to flow into your genitals and that the nerve sensitivity is enhanced. As a result, men who receive this shot may experience:

      • Increased penis length and size
      • Increased sensitivity to the genital area
      • Increased sexual stamina

      In addition to helping you maintain a longer erection, the PRP can help stimulate the growth and repair of erectile tissue, potentially providing natural healing to penis damage.

      The procedure is non-surgical, meaning that it is drug-free, non-allergenic, requires little to no downtime and delivers fast results. After the shots, you will be able to return to work, physical activity and sexual activity later that day. Though results may vary, the benefits of this can last for up to one year.


      There is no reason for you to suffer from low self-esteem or dissatisfaction due to your erections. To meet with Dr. Rahman and receive your Treatment please contact us online or call (407) 456-8082 today!

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