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      Do you feel Fatigued? Exhausted? Do you have a hard time focusing or feel your memory slipping? Have your weight loss attempts stalled despite your best efforts?

      Your body could be overrun with toxins - a wide variety of noxious molecules that are keeping you sick, tired, depressed, and overweight.

      Detoxification is certainly as important as popular media would have you believe; the problem is most programs go about detoxifying the wrong way…

      Ultimately, it’s all about supporting your liver—the workhorse of your detoxification system and one of the most important organs in the body. When it’s overburdened your liver can’t do its job properly. Provide your liver the nutritional support it needs to function optimally with this IV Therapy.

      IV Detox Orlando FL


      Your body converts all types of substances into less toxic molecules that are byproducts of normal metabolism. These substances are then eliminated via bile and urine. However, when it comes to particularly toxic foreign substances—from Tylenol to alcohol to heavy metals to pesticides and more—special processes are needed.

      This is where your liver comes in. It is responsible for modifying these toxic foreign substances so that they can be safely excreted from your system.

      Like any of us, your poor liver can’t do its job as well when it’s overworked. When too many toxins enter your body at one time, the liver stores them for later excretion. But since we are constantly bombarded by toxic substances it never gets around to the job. So the toxins remain in your body, which can lead to long-term health complications.

      This is especially likely to happen if you are fatigued, stressed out, suffer from fatty liver, drink large quantities of alcohol, smoke, or suffer from other toxic exposures. Your liver also gets overworked when you are on an active weight loss program since heavy metals and toxic organic compounds accumulate in fat and are released into circulation as the fat is lost.

      Making sure that your liver is functioning optimally is crucial. And the good news is that you can give your liver a helping hand in its war on toxins.

      Use this IV Therapy to support healthy liver function. It’s an ideal therapy if you are stressed out, fatigued, or have “brain fog”, have difficulty concentrating if you smoke or drink, or if you are on an active weight loss program


      • Fatigue
      • High Stress Lifestyle
      • Alcohol use
      • Smoking
      • Weight Loss Program
      • Fatty Livers

      Pair with Supplements Amino Acids, Vitamins, and minerals.

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