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In the field of Aesthetic medicine Asim Medical is a unique medical facility providing serious surgical and non-surgical alternatives to your Hair Restoration, IV Nutrition, Skin Rejuvenation and Sexual Wellness needs. Dr. Rahman is a highly sought-after physician known for his progressive way of utilizing current technology and applying it creatively to obtain the safest and most effective solutions. - We all age, it is a fact of life, but looking, staying and feeling youthful is often something we can control," says Dr. Rahman. "We are a generation of individuals seeking preventive and regenerative medicine, non-surgical aesthetic alternatives and sexual wellness solutions that are superior to traditional methods, the Asim Medical team delivers on all fronts."

Asim Medical provides in-depth and thorough analyses, diagnostics and treatments that are effective in helping you achieve your aesthetic and sexual wellness goals. Dr. Rahman's layered approach to anti-aging and regenerative medicine is unique, as he understands how to apply the latest technology in sexual medicine and aesthetics to deliver outstanding results.

"Where science meets artistry," the premise of Asim Medical. In his practice he also embraces revolutionary techniques using IV Nutrients and Neograft for hair restoration with platelet rich plasma (PRP), including the renowned Vampire Series of aesthetic treatments and the Priapus Shot® sexual wellness therapies that promote true cellular rejuvenation.

There are many doctors offering IV Vitamin and hair restoration treatments but none are as highly trained and creative at utilizing all the Regenerative Medicine options as IV Nutrients and Hair Restoration like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Oral and Injectable medications and Functional Medicine strategies. His expansive knowledge of the emerging techniques in science, medicine and aesthetics, combined with his artful eye make Dr. Rahman a very talented results oriented physician.

An initial consultation is essential for each patient, in order for Dr. Rahman to understand your challenges and concerns, discuss your goals, make a necessary assessment and design a treatment protocol that will offer you maximum results and value.

Asim Medical

Asim Rahman, MD - Coral Gables Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Asim Rahman, MD

Asim Rahman, MD is the founder of Asim Medical, He is Double Board Certified in Regenerative and Family Medicine and practicing hair restoration for the past 10 Years, focused on reaching every patient's goals with the most advanced non-invasive and minimally-invasive technology, products and expertise.

At his current practice, he commonly meets patients that have seen doctor after doctor and have reached the end of a rapidly fraying rope in their pursuit of health. Hair restoration, Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional medicine has always been at the heart of his practice. Dr. Rahman realizes that correcting and preventing cellular imbalances, the root cause of disease is essential to achieving true wellness and optimal health.

It is his personal experience with life-limiting illness that led him to dedicate his medical practice to using the most advanced scientific and all-natural methods to assist others in achieving the highest quality of life possible.

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