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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

The NeoGraft is a "state of the art" solution for hair loss and is the first minimally invasive automatic hair transplant system. It is the first FDA approved automated hair transplant device utilizing the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method.

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The Vampire Facelift

What is the Vampire FaceLift? The Vampire FaceLift uses stem cell science to tell the body to grow new, younger skin. Unipotent stem cells, which grow only one specific tissue, are found every ...


O Shot

“Until recently, there were very few options for women. O-Shot is an absolute game changer; improving lubrication, sensitivity, ease and intensity of orgasm and often resolving urinary incontinence,” ...

Asim Medical facelift

Priapus Shot

For the vast majority of men health problems tend to increase as they get older. Both physical and psychological factor. While going back in time is not an option, there is a solution to help rejuvenate your youthful vigor and appearance known as The Priapus Shot™.

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