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      Medical Aesthetics Clinic serving Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and surrounding FL communities.

      In the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Asim Medical is a unique medical facility providing serious surgical and non-surgical alternatives to your Hair Restoration, IV Nutrition, Skin Rejuvenation, Male Sexual Wellness and Female Sexual Wellness needs.

      Dr. Rahman is a highly sought-after physician known for his progressive way of utilizing current technology and applying it creatively to obtain the safest and most effective solutions. "We all age, it is a fact of life, but looking, staying and feeling youthful is often something we can control", says Dr. Rahman. "We are a generation of individuals seeking preventive and regenerative medicine, non-surgical aesthetic alternatives and sexual wellness solutions that are superior to traditional methods, the Asim Medical team delivers on all fronts."

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      Asim Rahman, MD is the founder of Asim Medical. He is Double Board Certified in Regenerative and Family Medicine and practicing hair restoration for the past 10 Years, focused on reaching every patient's goals with the most advanced non-invasive and minimally-invasive technology, products and expertise.

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      4749 Hargrave St
      Orlando, FL 32803


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